Beowulf: Other Beowulfs
Here are some other ways in which the word Beowulf is used:

The Beowulf Project
A kind of high-performance massively parallel computer built primarily out of commodity hardware components, running a free-software operating system like Linux or FreeBSD, interconnected by a private high-speed network. It consists of a cluster of PCs or workstations dedicated to running high-performance computing tasks. The nodes in the cluster don't sit on people's desks; they are dedicated to running cluster jobs. It is usually connected to the outside world through only a single node. ...more info here

Beowulf software
A computer program that calculates infrared-safe event shape variables for electron-positron annihilation in next-to-leading order Quantum Chromodynamics (QCD). It demonstrates a certain method of calculation.

It seems that the word Beowulf follows nerds around wherever they go. --