Who are the Mud Flat Cowboys?

Good question, but we know you're out there somewhere.

The Mud Flat Cowboys are a brother and sisterhood of ocean adventure kayakers located in the northeastern U.S. Subject to change without notice, MUDCOW headquarters are located in the Passagassawakeag Bay in Belfast, Maine.

The MUDCOW live for kayaking adventure on the ocean, trouble is we can't always find it -- the ocean, that is. You see while we do not have anything so glamorous as tsunami's and big surf, we on the east coast have our own share of adversity -- a tidal range so tremendous that our favorite put ins are often (to put it mildly) a long walk from the water.. We believe that along with adventure and exploration, swearing, grunting, and mud are part of life fulfillment.

We are a spiritual brotherhood, organized in no particular fashion, anarchical rather than hierarchical, with no membership lists -- but somehow we know who we are -- and we can usually pick each other out in a crowd. Unlike our sister organization on the left coast, we welcome everyone in on our team. And also unlike our brothers and sisters in the land of eternal sunshine, you can join it like you would a country club but be forewarned, there are no golf carts, no caddies, and no bar. We look for people who are easy-going, open-minded, adventure-oriented, who have a good sense of humor and a penchant for adversity. (Oh heah, you gotta like mud).

Out in '00

by Fenny Tripp & O.Z. Muck
published by Dammed Stream Press

Muddling Along
The new video will take off from the original Guide video and concentrate on skills to kayak squishy, boggy, and otherwise feculent areas.

-- "The East Coast's Answer to the Tsunami Rangers."