Northwest Greenland

near Upernavik

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Paddle Trip(A Level 3 Trip)
A mulit-day ocean kayaking trip. One of my best trips ever in Upernavik area in Greenland!
The Launch: See for information on how to get to

Paddling time and distance: More than 3 days.

Route: My kayaking tour route from Upernavik city should be to go near a huge icefjord, and under way visit the small settlement Aappilattoq where I would stay underway. Well it was a perfect paddling tour. I was paddling in calmly water hardly any wind, because of 1000 of small islands giving shelter.You can rent kayaks there at Nature near Upernavik Well, it is totally wild...When you are on tour the polar foxes will visit you and eat your leftovers. Hopefully you will see no polar bears. But they live close to the ice...not close to Upernavik in summertime. I was surprised that there was mushrooms for eating in August and a lot of wild berries.. Fishing from kayaks in Upenavik: The greenlandic cod / uvac and polar cod is very easy to catch. So use you large pilk in calmly streamingly water...ex betveen to small islands is a perfect spot with low dept to be buttom. Fishing in some of the lakes is also good. There you have Arctic char or Arctic charr, Salvelinus alpinus..they can be caught on a fly...ex.

Safety Tips:
You need dry suit and the right clothing for the conditions in Greenland...expect the worst...and you will safe...

Paddling Tips:Time of year....from June to in July and August....

Stretch Your Legs: Some small settlements...and some few hunting-huts

-- Trip contributed by Soren of

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