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The success of this site depends on contributions from paddlers like yourself. We're looking for both day and multi-day trip contributions from muscle powered boaters of all sorts -- canoeists, rowers, skullers, white water paddlers, and sea kayakers. We post ocean, river, lake, and marsh trips, etc. Please take a few minutes and contribute your favorite trip(s) to this site. Thank you and see you on the water!

Be as brief -- or detailed -- as you like. Leave fields blank if they don't apply or if you choose not to answer for any other reason. Questions? Email us or read the notes below.

Where did you launch and where did you paddle?

Nearest Town / City:

How type of water did you paddle on? (Choose best fit)

What type of craft did you paddle?

How long did you take to paddle this trip?

How would you rate this trip? See levels guide.

Trip highlights -- What are the best things about this trip?

Describe your route:

Describe any hazards or safety concerns:

Provide any useful paddling tips (tide, currents, water levels, time of year, etc.):

Describe any particularly good "get out" places along the way?

"One paddler's story" (Anything you'd like to add about yourself or the trip)

Do you have photos that you could submit with the article?
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Your name?

Publish with trip report?
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Before you get started, here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • The heading for "One Paddler's Story" is a chance to say a bit about yourself, what you paddle, and when you paddle this trip. You can provide your full name, first name only, initials only, or no name at all. Your e-mail address will not be posted on the site or provided to anyone else.
  • We will search out a map for your trip. Or if you like, you can visit MapQuest (, join as a member (it's free), make your own map, and send it as a file attachment, or print it out and mail it.
  • Photos are not essential, but if you have photos of your trip, we'd be glad to include them on the site. You can either send a scanned version of your photo as a file attachment with your e-mail, or send it via snail-mail.
  • When we receive your trip description, we 'll edit and reorganize it if necessary before posting to the site. If any information is unclear or missing, we'll e-mail you and ask for clarification
  • With the exception of a small banner ad for Mapquest (required in exchange for free use of their maps), no advertising will be placed on pages containing trips you submit -- or at least not unless you request it.
  • Have fun! Don't get bogged down in details! You can't tell us everything about your trip, even if you try. Just tell us enough to inspire us!

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Thanks for being a contributor!

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