Riverbend Park

near Hobe Sound, FL

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Paddle Trip(A Level 2 Trip)
A partial-day flatwater river trip from River Bend Park, near Hobe Sound, FL
I have been on this trip twice. The first time the river was somewhat low and the paddle was easy. It has a grand canopy that keeps you cool even on hot Florida days. Two dams on the river make it more interesting then just a flat run and the kinks in the course of the river are challenging enough for the beginner to hone their navigating skills. The second time the river was so high that some of the deadfalls that we went under on the first trip, had to be portaged this time. We where even able to cross the dams going upstream without getting out of the boats (lots of fun).

The Launch: Launched at Boundary Creek and paddled the Middle Fork of the Salmon River.

Paddling time and distance: 1 - 4 hours.

Route: Start at the park (west of I95 on Indiantown Road on the south side). Paddle north (down stream) cross the two dams. After the second dam you can continue as far as you are like. Then turn around and head back. It's a nice little trip and you can bring a lunch if you like.

Watch out for:You may see a few Gaters on the way. we saw three on the first trip. two under 3 feet and one over. On the second trip we saw none (that does not meen they are not there).

Paddling Tips: The current can be fast at times and you have to be alert or it will send you right into some of the deadfalls or the banks and brush. Other then that it was just a relaxing trip. The first trip was in April and the second was in July. We will go again in October.

Stretch Your Legs: At the second dam, there is always someone there having lunch.

-- Trip contributed by JWC.

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