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WaterWays is a noncommercial site serving as a resource for paddlers and other enthusiasts of muscle-powered boats. We hope to eventually host paddle trips from all regions of the U.S. and in other countries as well. While at present our site emphasizes sea kayaking, a good number of our trips are suitable for single bladers or rowers. We encourage sea kayakers to branch out by including trips on lakes, ponds, marshes, (class 2 and easier) rivers, etc.

Our goal is to promote muscle-powered boating as a safe and fun sport. As a friend once said, "Once you leave the mainland and head out toward the islands, you're changed forever." If this site can help even a few people have this experience, it will be well worth its megabytes.

If you've noticed any of the following, you'll understand the motive for this site:

  • existing written guides to paddling trips do not begin to do justice to the incredible number of great paddle trips out there.
  • In finding new places to paddle, it's always a risk to just pick out a place on the map and drive there, not knowing what you'll find.
  • there are many "put in" places accessible to small boats not listed on charts or maps.
  • what looks like a great "put in" may not look so great as a "put out" 3 hours later -- when you're slogging through the mud flats to get back to your vehicle..
  • tides, currents, winds, sea conditions can be extremely local -- it's sure nice to know about them beforehand.
  • there is (so far as we can tell) no other site which lists sea kayak trips nation-wide. If there is, please tell us about it.