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1. Submit links, text, lesson plans, photos, or other materials related to Kipling's White Man's Burden poem, imperialism, racism in the late 1800's, or America's role in the world. Materials and or links can be sent to the email address below.

2. Volunteer to help develop this site. Knowledge of web design is probably essential.

3. Contribute! The domain name, White-mans-burden.net, comes at a cost of $15.00 per year. Next on our wish list is a year of web hosting, which goes for $60.00 per year. We are hoping that teachers and other repeat users of this site will do their part to keep it going by making a small contribution. A PayPal Donation Button will be set up soon.

Yearly fund-raising goal: A very modest $75.00

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*to be updated as donations are received. Thank you.

Questions, comments, materials, and links may be sent to rwirth@rsu20.org

(The recieving PayPal Account is set up in the
name of Water Walker Kayaks. Thank you).

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