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Trip Summary:
There is no one else paddling this trip in kayaks. A few outfitters offer it in a paddle and cruise version for $2,700 a person. We paid $75 a person for out passage from Juneau to Petersburg on the ferry including the cost for the kayaks. In good weather this would be an Alaskan Classic. It rained just about every day we were out, but still it was amazing.

Paddling Time & Distance:
about 150 nautical miles.

We started at 4 a.m. in an outgoing tide in Wrangell Narrows. Moved north through Port Frederick to Frederick Sound, into Farragut Bay for our first camp after a 30 nautical mile day. Second day from Read Island around Cape Fanshaw into Stephen's Passage. We moved past Whitney Island and into Port Houghton for the second camp at about 28 nautical miles. Third day from Port Houghton along the coast into Hobart Bay then camped at north side of Windham Bay about 20 nautical miles. Fourth day from WIndham to Holkham Bay which is at the mouth of Tracy and Endicott Arms, another 20+ nm day. Fifth day was 23 nm to Taku Harbor, then another 25 nm home to Juneau on day 6. Total about 150 nautical miles. We had food for twelve days, but it rained so much we felt better off in the boats. One of these days have to find a good balance.

Watch out for:
Cape Fanshaw can be rough as it is the junction of two huge bodies of water; Stephen's Passage and Frederick Sound. Holkham Bay has to be crossed at slack high, there are whirlpools at the mouths of Endicott and Tracy arms and in a high tide kayaks can be moved into them.

Stretch your legs:
Each of the camps we made were after crossing a large Bay. We did these toward the end of the day when the water seems to lay down for a while.

One Paddler's Story:
Another of our end of June trips. This one had rain, but it is the first in four years. Four paddlers all with extensive long distance experience and willing to paddle thirty Nautical miles a day when the weather or beaches make it necessary. The father daughter team on this trip were in Mariners, we were in a Romany Explorer and an Ellesmere by Boreal Design. I bought a Solstice GT the day we got back to Juneau because, as much as I enjoy the Romany, it doesn't have the room for that many days with nothing on deck. Trip submitted by Joseph Reeves
Petersburg to Juneau Alaska

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