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Seal Island
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Paddle Trip{short description of image}{short description of image}(A Level 3 Trip)

West Penobscot Bay, Maine
The Road Trip:
From the South: Driving north on Route 1, pass through downtown Lincolnville and continue north for 5.2 miles. Turn right onto Cove Road. Follow Cove Road to the "T" then take a left, and then your first right to Saturday Cove.
From the North: Driving south on Route 1, pass Belfast. Continue down Route 1 past Dos Amigos Restaurant (on the left). Continue another 3.7 miles and look for Cove Road on your left. Follow Cove Road to the "T" then take a left, and then your first right to Saturday Cove.
The Road Trip

The Paddle Trip:
Trip Summary: A highly scenic, varied, and challenging paddle highlighted by skirting the shores of 4 very different islands and likely sightings of seals. The shortest passage to Islesboro!
The Launch: Saturday Cove is best at mid to high tide. If launching at low tide, drive past the boathouse on the right and continue another 40 yards along the top of the rocky beach.
Distance: 6 .7 miles nautical miles.
Paddling time: 2 - 3 hours.
The Route: From Saturday Cove, use a bearing of 130 degrees for 1.5 miles to the southern tip of Seal Island. Then turn north along the east shore of Seal Island (past the private pier) and continue north keeping the high cliffs of Ram Island on your left. As you reach the northern tip of Ram Island, turn right for the .2 mile crossing to Keller Point on Islesboro. From here, head south along Keller point until you reach the point itself mile, mile, and then bear for Flat Island at 234 degrees (.62 miles). Circle Flat Island, looking out for Seals and birds, and then bear at 327 degrees for a distance of 1.8 miles to Saturday Cove.
Tips: The wind almost always blows north up Penobscot Bay -- roughly parallel to the coast. The trip is designed to minimize the time spent broadside the wind and waves. Watch for boating traffic, including tankers heading for Searsport.
Natural Features: Seal and Ram Islands are rimmed with cliffs which take on a reddish hue if you paddle in the morning or late afternoon. Flat Island is uninhabited, low, thickety, and windswept. A colony of Seals hangs out on the southwest tip of this island. They are shy, and are best sighted by peeking around the sandbar on the southeast tip. Osprey, loons, and ducks are other likely sightings. Views up the bay as far as Sears Island and down the bay as far as the Camden Hills.
Other Landmarks: White fuel storage tanks of Searsport (Mack Point) to the north. The impressive mansions of Keller Point.
One Paddler's Story:Ray Wirth paddled this trip in June in his 17'5" sea kayak. He looks forward to going back soon.

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The Paddle Trip

Flat Island

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Saturday Cove

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