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The Wet Entry by Robert and Briana Finlay
The Rudder vs. Skeg Debate Revisited by Ray Wirth, Water Walker
The Float-Assisted Re-entry & Roll by Ray Wirth, Water Walker
Paddle Therapy by Michael Lampman, Solitaire Boats
Wet Exit & Re-entry by Amie Lorisch, Atlantic Coast Kayak
Yoga Yaking: The Way to a Healthy Back by Ed Quin of Atlantic Coast Kayak
Fishing from a Kayak by Dave Martin of Noyo Pacific Outfitters

Kayaks, Gear, & Outfitting
Selecting the Right Boat: Materials by Michael Lampman, Solitaire Boats
Selecting the Right Boat: Design Characteristics (coming soon)
Selecting the Right Boat: Features & Accessories (coming soon)
Before Buying Your First Kayak by Bob McIlvaine, Splashdance
Skinboats by Bill Low, Willow Kayaks
Upgrading Your Kayak by Ken Rasmussen, Kayakfit
Choosing a Sea Kayak Paddle by Ray Wirth, Water Walker
Build Your Own Kayak Cart by Dave Martin, Noyo Pacific Outfitters
The Curse of the Watermelon Boat by Tim Tucker, Talic
Choosing a Sea Kayak by Vaclav Stejskal, One Ocean Kayaks
Kayak Resistance vs. Speed for Various Models by Udo Beier & Peter Unold


Paddling Penobscot Bay (Maine) by Ray Wirth, Water Walker
Paddling in Arkansas & Arizona by Bill Zeller, Country Canoeist
Paddling North Florida's Big Bend by Michael Lampman, Solitaire Boats
Grabbing the Grail: Circumnavigating Great Wass by Ray Wirth, Water Walker
Visit to a Maine Confluence by Ray Wirth, Water Walker

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