Truckee River Water Park

Reno, Nevada

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Paddle Trip (A Level 2 Trip)
Truckee River Water Park, Reno, Nevada - Paddle Trip: A whitewater paddling trip of 1 - 4 hours.
Nice open views of trees and brush on banks. Through Idilwild park and whitewater course of downtown some quiet stretches and mild rappids.

Launch: Mayberry Park, Reno, Nevada.

Route description:
Put in at Mayberry park (picknic benches & tables, BBQ, restrooms. Easy launch, small sandy beach. Some tricky passages of about 2 feet drops, one 3.5 ft wave just below i.e East of the Hilton casino. Worst spots are at Galletti Way (big rocks) and about 1/4 mile down river from there (waterfalls/rappids).

Several take out spots for picnics at Mayberry overpass, McCarran Park (before overpass), Oksbow, Idillwild park, Wingfield Park, Fisherman's Park,Rock Park, Glendale Park, Cottonwood Park (Spice Islands) That's plenty of action. Past this point the banks are steeper and muddy, but some go on to Mustang which is another 4 to 5 hrs

Safety Tips:
Best to WEAR a life jacket and store an extra paddle.

Paddling tips:
The Truckee river is ok from March to November but the waterlevel varies presenting different challenges. for practice and beginners there is the Sparks Marina a great lake to relax and paddle the usually smooth water take outs and rest stops.

All get-out places mentioned above are ok depending on the water level. A higher level may cover the sandy beaches

We did this trip in inflatables and hard body kayaks Some tense moments made it exiting and some quick manuvering is required

-- Contributed by Michael Binkhurst

For more information see City of Reno website

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